Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Relax Music - TAO Lounge Part 2

Title: TAO Lounge Part 2
Description: Lounge, Relax Music
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Enjoy The Music...!!

Track List:

1 Breather - Afterlife
2 Waiting At Potsdamer Chaussee (Re-edit) - Christian Hornbostel
3 You've Been Gone - Cinemascope
4 Moonflower - Sebastian Ingrosso and Luciano Ingrosso
5 Journey To A Star - Lemongrass
6 5th & Avenida - Afterlife
7 Des Moments - Mahoroba
8 Mambo Tonight - Jojo Effect
9 Blue South - Afterlife
10 The Beat (Hip Hip Chin Chin) - Club Des Belugas
11 Sensual Bossa - Caibedo Island
12 Rum & Coca Cola (Jojo Effect Remix - Original Andrew Sisters) - Jojo Effect
13 Close Your Eyes - Club Des Belugas (feat. Iain Mackenzie)
14 Hero Dead And Gone (Discotheque Mix) - De Phazz
15 Yachts - A Man Called Adam Mix
16 Felicidade - Suba
17 Violet Theme - Pochill
18 The Blues - Dab

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TAO Lounge invites people to discover chillout music pearls and promotes those wonderful composers/musicians through an humble musical journey...

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