Monday, October 13, 2014

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Mars Curiosity rover
Take an up-close look at NASA’s "mega-rover" Curiosity, now on its eight month journey to investigate the red planet.
Month in Space Pictures: Wonders in the dark
Click through the best cosmic images of 2011, ranging from a mock Marswalk to galaxies aglow.
Radio telescope opens eyes to cosmos
The world's most complex array of ground-based telescopes, known as ALMA, is snapping photos from high in the Chilean desert.'s Dara Brown reports.
Shuttle era draws to a close
Check out cartoon commentaries about the end of NASA's space shuttle program.
Final countdown for Atlantis
Click through highlights from the space shuttle Atlantis' quarter-century of spaceflight.
Shuttle Endeavour, this is your life
Click through highlights from the space shuttle Endeavour's 19 years of service.
Discovery's last launch
Click through highlights from the shuttle Discovery's final space mission and other cosmic imagery from February 2011.
Art tells the story behind 50 years of spaceflight
See some of the highlights from "NASA | ART: 50 Years of Exploration," an exhibition that highlights works created to celebrate spaceflight.
Marvels from Mercury 
NASA's Messenger mission delivers the first pictures ever taken by a spacecraft orbiting the solar system's innermost planet.
Rocket's red glare
See a blazing launch, glittering galaxies and other cosmic highlights from January 2011.
Year in Space: 2010
See the year's best images from outer space, including scenes from the shuttle's sunset days and views of glittering galaxies.
Lights in the sky
Click through stunning images of the auroral displays created by geomagnetic storms.
See the world from the space station
Click through some of the more than 450,000 photographs taken by astronauts on the International Space Station.
Public picks Mars pics
Click through some of the first pictures taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to follow up on suggestions from the public.
6 real-life 'X-Files'
Here are six “X-Files” that skeptics and believers have debated in real life.
Top 10 antics in outer space
On the International Space Station, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte did what he's famous for – making people laugh.  But he wasn't the first to bring some levity to space.
Ten signs of a rough and tough universe
From galaxy cluster pileups to star explosions, things aren't always nice and quiet in outer space. Jupiter's recent black eye just adds to this list of bouts of intergalactic violence.
A rare spectacle on Saturn
Click through scenes of Saturn and its rings, captured by the Cassini orbiter during the planet's first equinox in nearly 15 years.
Eclipse sweeps over Asia
See highlights from the 21st century's longest-lasting total solar eclipse.
50 years of moon shots
Up-close exploration of the moon, Earth's only natural satellite, began in 1959 and hasn't stopped. Take a look at scenes from 50 years of moon exploration.
Astronauts’ Hubble picks
Shuttle crewmates for Hubble's final fix-up list their favorite images from the famous space telescope.
The Hubble Story
What’s it like to fix the Hubble Space Telescope? Astronaut Story Musgrave explains it all for you.
The all-time top 10 astronomy pictures
Click through 10 of the world's greatest space pictures, as chosen by the team behind NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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