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Presentation - Greek Mythology Cupid And Psyche by fondas vak

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Greek Mythology Cupid And Psyche from fondas vak

 Greek Mythology Cupid And Psyche — Presentation Transcript    1. Greek Mythology An Introduction to Cupid and Psyche
    2. Greek Myths What to you thing these might be? Churches, temples or houses?
    3. Greek Myths There are many gods in Greek Mythology. Female gods were very important.   Her name is Athena What do you think she is the god of? Love and beauty War and violence Wisdom and knowledge Wine and party
    4. Greek Myths The answer is wisdom and knowledge.
    5. Greek Myths This is the god Dionysus partying with his friends. What do you think he is the god of? Wisdom War Wine (drinking) Love
    6. Greek Myths The answer is wine and drinking . Dionysus also represents the creative power of nature.
    7. Greek Myths The Outline of the story Cupid and Psyche The story of cupid and psyche is one of the most famous Greek myths. We will look at some of the main characters of the story
    8. Greek Myths This is one of the main characters. His name is Cupid. He is a boy and will never become older as he is a god who cannot die (immortal)
    9. Greek Myths This is Cupid in love with his girl friend Psyche. Psyche is not a god; she is just a normal human. Nonetheless, she is very beautiful.
    10. Greek Myths This is Cupid’s mother. Her name is Aphrodite. She is just like most mothers and does not think that Cupid’s new girl friend is good enough for her only son. She is the God of ? Fun not wearing cloths love
    11. Greek Myths This is Cupid’s father Mars. Do you know what he is the god of? a) Games b) War c) funny hats Mars does not really care about what his son does. He probably just wants his son to be happy.
    12. Greek Myths This is the god Hermes. He is the king of gods son and is very naughty. His job is to give messages to people and other gods from his father, Zeus. Because Hermes is a naughty god, what kinds of people do you think Hermes likes to help? Soldiers Government officials Thieves (people who steal things) Artists Bankers
    13. The answer is thieves and artists . He also likes to help travelers and any kinds of people that are naughty or interesting in some way. Greek Myths
    14. Greek Myths This is the King of all Gods Zeus. Zeus tries to do the good and the right thing. However, Zeus is usually very naughty Zeus’s wife always catches him with other men and gives him lots of trouble when he gets back home. Basically, most of the Greek Gods are naughty. There are only a few serious ones around
    15. Greek Myths This is Zeus’s brother Hades. He is the god of the underworld (where many of the dead, ancient Greeks believe, go for a while)
    16. Greek Myths This is Hade's beautiful wife Persephone . Cupid’s mother Aphrodite makes poor psyche (Cupids girl friend) go to find Persephone in the under world to get a little of her beauty. Aphrodite wants it because she always wants to be more beautiful.
    17. The End 

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